Wi-C.A.R.E Year I

In the inaugural year of Wi-C.A.R.E, I initiated dialogues with experienced adults in eldercare, procuring valuable insights to augment the quality of elder care. These discussions weren’t simply dialogues; they were the foundational blocks that shaped the project’s vision.

I then pioneered the development of technology aimed at promoting robust elder healthcare and fostering emotional support from family members, whether in proximity or virtually. Leveraging MIT App Inventor and creating Alexa Voice Flow skills, I designed a voice library of personalized reminders from loved ones, transforming routine alerts into comforting messages and making daily life for elders more pleasant and emotionally enriched.

Wi-C.A.R.E Year II

Building on the foundation laid in the first year, the second year saw the incorporation of diverse perspectives from seniors, healthcare professionals, and caregivers, with over 80 participants contributing to the surveys.

This year wasn’t about mere continuation; it was about refinement and expansion. The insights gained became the blueprint for the development of advanced, user-friendly tools, utilizing open-source platforms to optimize medication tracking and ambulatory safety, marking my initial foray into the realm of holistic elder care solutions. I was also honored as a finalist at the 2021 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

Wi-C.A.R.E Year III

The third year of Wi-C.A.R.E was characterized by incessantly pursuing broader and deeper impacts, refining earlier models, and introducing new dimensions to elder care technology. Over 80 participants fueled the project with their experiences and insights, guiding the design and development of diverse technological solutions.

This was the year of enhancement and precision, focusing on critical needs like fall detection, emergency alerts, sleep disruption reports, and intuitive hand gesture applications, ensuring real-time care and support. The recognition received at the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair was not just an honor but a reaffirmation of the project’s relevance and impact.

Wi-C.A.R.E Year IV

The fourth year of Wi-C.A.R.E epitomized comprehensive enrichment and diversified innovation, with the project evolving to encapsulate the more nuanced needs of seniors. The surveys continued to be the beacon, guiding enhancements in the Wi-C.A.R.E App and introducing voice modulation technology and advanced physical therapy tools. A meticulous secondary research analysis informed the priorities, including a physical therapy guide and enhanced emotional support through the voices of loved ones, solidifying Wi-CA.R.E’s commitment to physical and emotional well-being.

Achieving the status of a finalist at the 2023 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair was not just an accolade but a symbol of continuous evolution and commitment to making a difference in elder care. The provisional patent and pending research publication underscore the project’s innovative spirit and academic rigor.